How to Find a Job after Being Fired from Work

When you are searching for a job after being fired, there are certain things to keep in mind which will improve your chances of landing your new dream job.

Do an Honest Introspection: Before you start your job search, you must do a little bit of honest introspection as to the reasons why you lost your job. There is no need to wallow in self pity as every failure in life is a stepping stone to success.

Preparation Phase: Once you identify the reasons for your layoff, then you must prepare a convincing answer for your interview as to why you lost your job. If you think you made a mistake, then be sure to admit it in the interview and also tell them what you learned from the experience and what you would do differently going forward. Also prepare a good covering letter and a resume. You need not mention your job loss in your covering letter. Get your covering letter and resume vetted by a professional resume writer or a coach.

Re-skill Yourself: If you are unable to find a job within a couple of weeks, then you must identify some course which you can enroll in, which would help your re-skill yourselves for your dream job. You must do some research to identify the kind of skills needed for your dream job and choose a course that will address the skill gaps in your resume. This will not only keep your occupied productively, but also help in showcasing your initiative and drive in your resume.

Search for a Job: Make sure that you search for a job not just through standard channels such as job portals and newspapers, but also through friends and family. Remember that most jobs are never advertised and get filled up through referrals from employees. Therefore network with employees in the company that you would like to join and ask them to forward your resume and cover letter to the HR team. This will help your resume get noticed much better than if you were to just email directly to the HR department in companies.